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PlantDesigner© simulation tool

The aim of the software is to predict the performance of crushing plants mainly designed using Sandvik equipment. The program is fully developed in house at Sandvik's Svedala office and uses a simulation engine which has been specially developed for crushing plant simulations.

PlantDesigner© has been revolutionising production around the world, and offers a modern solution to handle a huge range of applications. PlantDesigner© offers crushing plant simulation in order to ensure our leading equipment best fits your operation. In terms of capacity, performance, and reduction ratio, the PlantDesigner© simulation tool can help you to find a simple and cost effective solution for any size-reduction challenge.

The benefits derived from this software tool that simulates the entire crushing and screen process cannot be overestimated. In close cooperation with our customers, PlantDesigner© is used to create a technically, and economically, optimized solution for your actual combination of feed material and operating conditions. PlantDesigner© is an essential simulation tool to enhance your productivity.

Crushing Plant Simulation

The simulation tool can help your operation to dramatically improve production, by finding you the best equipment, no matter the environments that you're working in. This crushing plant simulation tool can also help to decrease operational costs by finding you the most fuel-efficient equipment essential in today's competitive market.

The advanced analysis that this crushing plant simulation tool provides, utilizes both technical and economic calculations in order to find the most profitable solution for you. Detailed, accurate equipment performance analysis, together with cost estimates, will help you plan your quarry operation to ensure optimal productivity. This will enable you to have view of what your investment really means before actually buying.

There is a fine line between what you can sell and what goes to waste. We understand the difference. The PlantDesigner© simulation tool predicts the shape of the final products from specific crushers, in order to match your needs, and consumers' demands. Crushing plant layout differs a great deal from site to site, and the software will predict the performance of crushers based on your specific needs.

Different crushing systems are evaluated on their predicted performance in a number of environments, in order to provide you with the optimal crushing plant for your current market situation. In a competitive market, the software could help to give you the edge over your competitors.

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