Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.


Investing in brand new equipment is not always an option. When your fleet is aging and your operation requirements change, we offer options that extend the life of your equipment.

A retrofit or an upgrade may be just the right way for you to benefit from our latest invensions. The end result will give you a safer, more reliable and productive piece of equipment.

Our offering for tunneling jumbos and surface drill rigs

RD5 series rock drill retrofit for tunneling jumbos is a retrofit kit that upgrades rock drills with new RD5 series. Giving you the benefits of a higher penetration rate (>15%), longer tools life (+15% in drill bit and +40% in shank life). New rock drill with factory waranty. The kit includes all required compontents.

HLX5T and HFX5T upgrade kit for tunneling jumbos HLX5T and HFX5T with it´s new design for improved drilling performance is a stablizer giving you extended lifetime for drifter.

Rock drill retrofit HL510, HL710 and HL810 for our DX series of surface top hammer drill rigs giving you better drilling performance and factory warranty.

Option retrofits for surface top hammer drill rigs is the best option when you want to bring new life for an old mashine. The retrofit installation kits of options such as winch, TIM depth, measuring system, water heater, water injection etc.

Our offering for impact crushers

The VSI high volume feed hopper system allows customers with older versions of Sandvik VSI dual drive crushers to fit this new system, which will enable them to utilize full motor power and hence increase production.

Features and benefits

  • Permits full loading of the dual drive crushers (maximize power draw).
  • Allows the Bi-Flow system to be utilized to it's maximum extent.
  • Permits easy control of the crusher, via the hydraulically operated rotor throttle system.
  • Easily retrofits into the existing hopper of any Sandvik VSI dual drive crusher in minutes.
  • Increases crusher capacity.
  • Increases crusher net production.

The Crusher top half retrofit conversion kit makes it possible to convert old VSI crushers of various brands and manufacturers to a Sandvik VSI by replacing the top half of the crusher.

Features and benefits

  • Reduced Power consumption.
  • Increased throughput.
  • Easier maintenance.
  • Safer maintenance including the Safety interlock system.
  • Fewer wear parts on the rotor.
  • Ability to change the feed tube through the inspection doors without removing the crusher roof and hopper.
  • The benefits of the Sandvik Bi-Flow system, which results in up to 20% extra "free" crushing, coupled with the ability to change the particle size distribution curve from the crusher, without changing speed.

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