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SanRemo Service

Job site at the office

SanRemo is based on remote machine monitoring. It is easily accessible everywhere on the web: you just go to the service portal at, enter your personal user id and password – and accurate real-time job site data is available at your fingertips.

You can see productivity, performance and maintenance data as well as the location of the machines in your fleet. Based on this comprehensive data, you can immediately detect any changes in efficiency and machine utilization, reliably measure and forecast projects, and make precise maintenance schedules without ever even leaving the office.

The SanRemo service not only decreases the number of required site visits, but, due to increased predictability, also the costly, unexpected production stops. You can offer and invoice accurately as well as follow up long-term trends. Enhanced control of the process translates into clear improvements in the excavation result.

How it works with SanRemo service.

Illustration on how SanRemo service works

SanRemo Service device will remotely provide the expected service period information in order to proactively offer the correct services and part packages. When signing a service agreement a free of charge installation of SanRemo service device on existing fleet for remote monitoring will be included.

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