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SanRemo for crushers automation and control - Bring crushing into the light

Monitoring, control and automation

SanRemo for Crushers is a brighter approach to crusher automation and control. This radical new system replaces guesswork with certainty. It gives total control, 360° vision and a wealth of valuable data.

With SanRemo for Crushers you can add three dimensions of certainty to your crushing operation:

Business certainty

  • Stay on top of running hours, empty running, standstills, energy consumption and more
  • Make accurate forecasts
  • Maximize return on your equipment investment

Crusher automation - business certainty

Uptime certainty

  • Eliminate issues that cause uneven wear and mechanical damage
  • See the exact status of your equipment
  • Schedule maintenance to fit in with production demands

Crusher automation - uptime certainty

Output certainty

  • Maintain the desired Closed Side Setting (CSS
  • Compensate for chamber wear and hardness/moisture in the feed material
  • Switch easily between programs for different fractions and materials

Crusher automation - output certainty

Crusher automation - The full picture

The SanRemo for Crushers cloud solution lets you supervise your crusher from anywhere with an Internet connection. You have a wealth of operational and trend data at hand and it's easy to generate a wide range of reports, including:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports via web or email
  • Summary reports
  • Energy reports
  • A-dimensions and calibration reports
  • Equipment utilization reports

SanRemo for Crushers can be integrated with WINI or SCADA systems, enabling you to monitor and control your crushers from the same location. All your data is in one place, and you no longer have to go out to the machines to change settings. In addition, SanRemo for Crushers communicates with every type of PLC system, including Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Control Net and Device Net.

Crusher automation - the full picture

Next-generation automation

Comprehensive capabilities: SanRemo for Crushers gives you all the functionality you need. The modular system enables supervision and control of everything from setting regulation to lubrication and main drive control. You are in command of the parameters that matter to you.

Crushing programs: The CSS program maintains the desired CSS at all times. To protect the crusher from overloading, the SanRemo system monitors load conditions and will adjust the CSS if abnormal raw material characteristics are detected. As soon as normal operating conditions are restored, the system will adjust back to the desired CSS for the application in question.

Rapid calibration: SanRemo for Crushers gives you a fast and highly accurate determination of the main shaft position. This helps to ensure a better yield of your desired product.

Lubrication: Total control over lubrication and oil tank monitoring. SanRemo monitors tank levels, temperatures, pressure and pumps to optimize functionality.

Choose your service level

SanRemo for Crushers is a modular system, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly the functionality your operation requires. Forget paying for features you don't need. In addition to standard features, a main drive control option is available for the Silver and Gold levels.

Three service levels cover all your needs:


  • Setting regulation (as an standard automation system)
  • Remote monitoring via SanRemo
  • 15" screen
  • Basic troubleshooting


All Bronze features, plus:

  • Connection to WINI and SCADA
  • History and trend reports
  • Extensive troubleshooting
  • Operator manual in HMI
  • Bypass possibility (non-critical components)
  • Optional: Main drive control (including softstart)


All Silver features, plus:

  • Lubrication control
  • Filter monitoring
  • Temperature, pressure and flow control
  • Optional: Main drive control (including softstart)

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