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The TCAD+ add-on instrumentation for Sandvik DT and DD series underground drill rigs significantly improves drilling accuracy. Therefore, it also decreases the amount of over- and under excavation.

It is an aiming tool designed for pre-designed drilling plan execution, featuring face drilling, long hole drilling and bolting hole plans on the screen. With its built-in data collection, TCAD+ provides information on hole position and angle logging as well as the drilling process. By improving the accuracy of drilling, the TCAD+ enables optimization of the whole tunneling project at hand: less loading and hauling, blasting, and concrete spraying means less time and money spent. In addition, high drilling accuracy gives more control over blasting, translating into improved overall safety.

TCAD+ is delivered together with Sandvik iSURE® tunnel process management software. This allows curve and drill plan design, and data analysis.

Key specifications
Application Face drilling, bolt hole drilling, long hole drilling
Automatic cycle Automatic hole length control according to drill plan
User interface 12" high contrast full color display with touch screen control
Onboard diagnostics Warnings, error and service log
Parameter handling Back-up and restore via USB
Calibration Sandvik calibration. Advanced boom depletion compensation.
Navigation methods Total station navigation, tunnel laser navigation, drill bit navigation, curve calculation, restore previous navigation
Curve and drill plan design Sandvik iSURE (Windows compatible)

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Sandvik TCAD+: Excellent accuracy and ease of use

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