Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.


iSURE® is a new, revolutionary tunneling project management and information analysis tool. It helps optimizing the drilling and blasting patterns. iSURE gives specific guidance for different stages of drilling and blasting, keeping project costs low, and guaranteeing smooth proceeding of the tunneling work.

iSURE combines tunnel line, theoretical profile design, drill plan design and data collection analysis. The power of the tool lies on the basis of the pattern design. This ensures optimized blasting and supplies better pull-out, decreased need for scaling, increased rock loadability and smoother collaring in the following round.
iSURE consists of four separate modules: iSURE Tunnel, iSURE Report, iSURE Analysis and iSURE Bolting.

Sandvik iSURE and the new generation intelligent DTi series jumbos together form an unbeatably accurate rock excavation system for tunneling and underground spaces.

Features and benefits:

  • An integrated solution combining tunnel line, theoretical profile design, drill plan design, data collection analysis, bolting plan design, and reporting
  • Parameter-based blasting modelling (burden calculation) to optimize the hole locations
  • Ability to edit the designed pattern quickly and easily
  • Large-scale data collection on drilling, MWD (measuring-while-drilling) and drill steel consumption, ready for analysis
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy transfer of the materials to and from the rig with a USB drive
Key specifications
Tunnel Drill and blast design, drilling pattern design, longhole pattern, tunnel line and project files.
Report The above plus a round report for drilling management and process development.
Analysis The above plus measuring-while-drilling data collection for analyzing rock structure and characteristics.
Bolting Design of up to 5 bolting fans. Hole placement and direction, tools for hole generation and fan management.

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