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DT922i Tunneling jumbo

The ultimate all-rounder

The DT922i is a computer-controlled two-boom electro-hydraulic drilling jumbo with articaluated carrier for tunneling excavation of 12-125 m² cross sections, including face drilling, bolt hole drilling, and mechanized long-hole drilling.

The fully automated DT922i tunneling jumbo stands for true tunnelling quality, reliability and exceptional versatility. Its new articulated carrier features a next generation cabin with 25 % increased visibility and noise level less than 69 dB. Intelligent, state-of-the-art control system and Sandvik iSURE excavation management tool create a combination which will change the way you view the future of tunneling.

The DT922i is designed to adopt to changing conditions and still function at its best in all of them. Through its nimble articulated carrier, fast and adaptive drilling control for changing rock conditions, and for example the multivoltage option that helps converting the unit to different kind of electric networks, the machine can raise your efficiency to a new level.

Features and benefits:

  • New articulated carrier enables operation in tight tunnels and narrow corners
  • Brand new cabin design for improved ergonomics and maximized safety; noise levels under 69 dB at all times
  • New intelligent drilling control system with nine different hole type settings and three alternative control methods
  • Multivoltage concept for different electric voltages at different work sites
  • Comprehensive onboard diagnostics
  • New cabin lifting system for improved visibility and adaptivity*
  • TRH mechanized rod handling system*

* Options

Key Specifications
Tunnel size 9 000 - 14 800 mm / 354 - 583 in
Coverage area 12 - 125 m² / 129 - 1 345 ft²
Hole diameter 43 - 64 mm / 1 ¾ - 2 ½"
Hole length Up to 5 880 mm
Rock drill RD525, 25 kW (33.5 hp)
Control system SICA (Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture)
Boom 2 x SB100i
Feed 2 x TF5i, 14 - 20 ft
Length 14 990 mm / 49.2 ft (with 16 ft feed)


3 500 mm / 11.5 ft (drilling)

2 500 mm / 8.2 ft (tramming)

2 570 mm / 8.4 ft (tramming with THR)


3 590 mm / 11.8 ft

3 190 mm / 10.5 ft (with cabin lifting system)

Weight (depending on options)

30 000 kg / 66 140 lbs

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