Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.

Dimensional stone drill rigs

Our drilling equipment for the dimensional stone industry includes compact rig
assemblies for attachment to carriers such as hydraulic excavators, as well as
self-propelled, diesel-powered drill rigs that are completely self-contained.
They will match the requirements of dimensional stone quarrying by producing
excellent block quality and as well as the dimensions you set them to.

The DQ series consists of four different rigs: Ranger DQ500, Trimmer DQ440R, Trimmer DQ440ZR and Trimmer DQ240R. Each of them is designed to drill straight, accurately placed holes quickly, safely, efficiently and economically. Covering applications such as line drilling, splitting, trimming and pilot-hole drilling, they are equipped with powerful, energy-efficient hydraulic rock drills, ergonomic controls and efficient dust collectors.


Hole range mm

Rock drill On-board compressor

Engine kW

Weight kg

Ranger DQ500 45 - 89
HL510, 15.5kW
6.2 m³/min up to 10 bar
15 400


Drill steel mm

Rock drill Control system

Chain feed

Weight kg

Trimmer DQ440ZR H19/H22 4xHEX1, 5.5kW
4xTA341E, radio remote
4xCF 100x24
4 000
Trimmer DQ440R H19/H22
4xHEX1, 5.5kW 4xTA341E, radio remote
4xCF 100x24
4 000
Trimmer DQ240R H19/H22 2xHEX1, 5.5kW
2xTA341E, radio remote
2xCF 100x24
2 400

Dimensional Stone Drilling – Accurate holes, on time

When you're looking for dimensional stone drill rigs you need to be sure that they are reliable in order to optimize your performance and productivity rate. Our dimensional stone drill rigs have been tried and tested over the world, to ensure that they are suitable for a variety of ground conditions and give a high drilling performance, whilst ensuring parallelism of the drilled holes. Getting the right end product when using dimensional stone drill rigs is vital and our drill rigs can provide you with the right outcome every time.

Using dimensional stone drill rigs can boost your economic efficiency as well as your performance, as dimensional stones are 100% reusable. With further government regulations on economic drilling coming into place year on year, using drill rigs made from the latest industry technologies is vital in ensuring your production meets these economic standards. Having spent time in the field, we understand the many challenges that you face daily, and so provide products that will optimize your performance, while reducing production costs.

Each of our stone drill rigs have different features and benefits, from high utilization, high drilling performance that gives invincible block quality, extreme productivity, extra stability and even hole spacing. Different ground conditions need different equipment, so we provide stone drill rigs that are versatile to suit your every need.

Our stone drill rigs are safe and easy to operate, while providing high quality drilling and minimizing any operating risk, with some models having ROPS and FOPS certified safety cabins. Each rig provides an optimum drilling performance, boosting your productivity and therefore taking care of your bottom line. All models will provide you with the tools that have a long working life, so you can continue to work efficiently. Designed using well proven technology, each stone drill rig offers you the highest possible reliability in relation to price and performance. If you have any enquiries regarding product selection, or if you're in need of technical support, contact a member of our team.

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