Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.

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Surface drill rigs

Your drill rigs have to perform wherever and whenever needed. Our surface top hammer, surface down-the-hole and dimensional stone drilling rigs deliver high reliability in quarrying, opencast mining and construction applications.

Proven Drilling Rig Series

At Sandvik, we have worked with a wide range of drill rigs and niche drilling equipment for more than 50 years. Over this time we have learned a thing or two, and have seen various technologies come and go. This is why we constantly strive to design the very best in specialist drill rigs that do very specific jobs exceptionally well.

We specialise in creating construction drilling equipment that perfectly marries power and precision while constantly improving on operator safety and productivity. Our vision is to create the perfect drill rig for any given task, offering the highest levels of efficiency and operator comfort while requiring minimal levels of service and maintenance. We're confident that we can provide you with this unbeatable technology while keeping your overhead operating costs as low as possible.

Dedicated to Your Rock Drilling Needs

In order to meet the demands of construction industry, our surface drill rigs are all designed to work effectively in the toughest conditions. This is why we invest heavily in research and development delivering true power with absolute precision through the latest technical innovations, our unique drilling rigs are the best in the business.

Our engineers spend hours and hours on job sites in order to develop solutions to the challenges you face in your daily work. We don't just rely on our own experiences though – we've travelled the world talking to construction workers and miners about what they want from their drilling rigs. By doing this we have been able to design some truly impressive drilling rigs which both meet and exceed the requirements of the modern construction industry. This is why our surface drilling rigs all come with exceptional functionality, semi-automation, high productivity, great reliability and low operating costs.

Whatever your construction needs, our surface drilling rigs are here to make your job easier. Whether you need a drill rig for aggregate and limestone production, dimensional stone and secondary breaking or a range of different infrastructure projects and site preparations, we have the perfect rig for you here today. Our surface top hammer drill rigs are exceptional at breaking both the limits and the ground below, efficiently punching holes of 22-152mm in diameter; our surface down-the-hole drill rigs provide unmatched results in high-capacity rock drilling, leaving you with holes of 89-152mm in diameter and our dimensional stone drill rigs are perfectly designed to place holes of a given size with complete and utter accuracy.

If you have any questions about our range of surface drilling rigs please don't hesitate to contact us. A member of our highly experienced and qualified team will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have, helping you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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