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LF Screens

Our LF Linear Motion Screens are designed for accurate secondary screening and final sizing, as well as scalping ahead of crushers in mining applications.

LF screens are an ideal choice in conditions where the height is limited by surrounding facilities, for screening small and short fractions, and when heavy material is loaded on the screen.

Features and benefits

  • Linear stroke improves screening and increases productivity
  • Easy maintenance due to mechanism installation on the top of the screen body
  • Suitable wear protection for heavy mining applications available
  • Compact design and horizontal or low slope angle allows installation in height limited locations
  • Robust construction enables screening of high bulk density materials
  • Plenty of options available for different kind of applications
Model* Dimensions
WxL mm
Type S,
1 deck
Type D,
2 decks
Type T
3 decks
LF1030_ 1000x3000 1990 2450 3040
LF1230_ 1200x3000 2130 2770 -
LF1240_ 1200x4000 2650 3530 4250
LF1540_ 1500x4000 2890 3880 4880
LF1550_ 1500x5000 3770 4350 6000
LF1850_ 1800x5000 4220 5160 7280
LF1860_ 1800x6000 4700 6680 10100
LF2160_ 2100x6000 5150 7460 11810
LF2460_ 2400x6000 6580 11000 13340
LF2440_ 2400x4000 4500 9500 -
LF2450_ 2400x5000 - 10200 -
LF2470_ 2400x7000 7280 12200 15650
LF2770_ 2700x7000 - 14350 -
LF3060_ 3000x6000 13360 - -
LF3070_ 3000x7000 - 15430 -

*The number of the decks are added at the end of the code by a letter (S, D or T. For example LF1860S has one deck.

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