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ASRi Automated setting regulation

Get the maximum from your crushing equipment

Our crusher control systems ensure you get the best from you crusher. We call our crusher control ASRi (Automated Setting Regulation). The "i" stands for "intelligent". Intelligent because it not only helps you to monitor operations, but over time enables you to become so familiar with your crusher equipment that you can truly optimize usage while protecting it from damage and maximizing uptime.

Highest throughput – highest productivity

Regardless of whether yours is a simple one-crusher operation or a large, complex plant, our ASRi can help you boost production by obtaining the highest possible degree of reduction, improving product distribution, and achieving better product shapes. It is simple to use and communicates easily with higher-level systems.

Productivity at your fingertips

Our ASRi has been designed with you in focus. The clear colour graphics, touchscreen interface and built-in instruction manual provide you with as much or as little information as you choose. Numerous automated functions are available.

ASRi includes three different regulation modes:

  • Auto-CSS, where the ASRi system aims to maintain the desired CSS.
  • Multi-CSS, where two different product curves can be combined to give a new desired product.
  • Auto-Load, where the ASRi system regulates the setting so that the crusher operates at a desired load level.

Features and benefits

  • Automatical control of the crusher
  • Protection against damaging overloads
  • Increased production
  • Highest possible degree of reduction
  • Improved product distribution
  • Better product shape

Key specifications
The ASRi™ software package consists of four main components that facilitate communication between ASRi™, and other systems.

  • ASRi simulator
  • ASRi-WINi
  • ASRi-OPC-Server
  • ASRi-Reporter

In addition we offer related communication hardware, including copper and fiber-optic cables and a data switch.

  • ASRi-Switch

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