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HX900 Cast in carbide

Sandvik HX900 cast in carbide is a unique wear material combining the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, malleability and forming capability of nodular iron. This is an ideal combination resulting in a wear resistant material that stands well in tough environments and has a long wear life in many extreme applications.

HX900 liners
Sandvik HX900 Liners can be used in a wide range of applications to replace and/or protect parts exposed to heavy wear. The combination of the high wear resistance of cemented carbide and the formability of nodular cast iron makes the material ideal for many materials handling applications. HX900 Liners are available in standard sizes, or they can be custom made to suit a specific application.

HX900 blades and shoes for road maintenance
There are high demands on wear resistance when it comes to snow plowing and scraping. The Sandvik HX900 plough blades and shoes hold up well in these applications. Although they are subjected to heavy abrasive and impact wear, the wear resistance of the HX900 plow blades and shoes last 20 times longer than conventional steel blades and shoes.

HX900 sinter crusher components
Sandvik HX900 sinter crusher arms and breaker bar caps last several times longer than conventional wear resistant materials, including hard facings. By reducing wear while preserving optimum dimensions and profiles, HX900 components can improve crusher efficiency and permit the production of more uniformly sized particles, which is advantageous in subsequent processes.

HX900 mixer paddle components
Mixer paddles and scraper blades are frequently used in different types of concrete mixes. For optimum mixing efficiency and long service life the Sandvik HX900 mixer paddles and scraper blades are constructed with cemented carbide tiles embedded in the leading edge.

HX900 distributor plates
HX900 distributor plates is a unique wear protection solution that gives lower maintenance and operating costs, and fewer maintenance stops results in higher capacity over time. In terms of wear protection solutions, HX900 distributor plates deliver the lowest cost per ton produced and more profit for our customers.

HX900 wear segments
HX900 consists of a powerful trinity
This composite product has a wear layer made of highly wear-resistant cemented carbide with our unique granules. The matrix of tough cast nodular iron. The base consists of an easy to weld steel plate.
Use HX900 wear segments on crushers, loader buckets, chutes, excavators, rock box edges and weld on hammer tips. Use also on all places that are inaccessible for installation of wear liners.

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