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Telescopic chute

Better environment, improved product quality

WE8000i telescopic chute prevents the emission of dust and loss of material. A vacuum is created inside the chute by the material flow, reducing the requirement for expensive, service demanding filtration systems. The user-friendly design enables easy maintenance. All in all, it gives great savings for operations.

Wide area of use
WE8000i telescopic chute has its rightful place within a great number of areas of use. The chute is of simple and rugged design. It has an extremely good ratio between minimum and maximum length. The number of conical chute segments can vary, depending on the height of the stockpile and that of the conveyor.

Automatic level adjustment
WE8000i telescopic chute can be operated from the control cabin, via a PLC with automatic level sensor or manually via remote control. The chute senses its height above the material stockpile and automatically adjusts, minimizing the risk of dust emissions. In addition, the electrical chain hoist is equipped with limit switches and overload protection.

Separate carrying collar
The tape loops are fixed to a rigid lightweight split carrying collar, which safely holds the replaceable conical chute segment in position. The carrying collar can be easily separated allowing the conical chute segment to be turned (if it is worn in one place) or be replaced.

Optimized conical chute segment design
The unique, modular design allows for a choice of materials in different parts of the telescopic chute. The construction of the chute segment is optimized for stiffness, long life and material flow.

Features and benefits

  • Minimizes the risk of dust emission
  • Improves employee working conditions
  • Improves neighbouring environment
  • Reduces material segregation and contamination
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces maintenance and clean-up cost
  • Improves work safety

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