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Sealing cloths

The dust sealing cloths WE4000 (Dustflex™) are made of a soft and pliable grade of black rubber with extremely good flexibility and are able to absorb the stresses in a moving seal. Reinforced PVC fabrics should only be used in static (stationary) seals for dust proofing conveyors, etc. It is very important to select the correct grade of cloth or fabric for a particular installation.

The WE4000 sealing cloths are fixed in position with grip strip WE7000 on snap-on profiles, that are mounted on the equipment to be encapsulated.

Key Specifications
Both standard and anti-flame dust sealing cloths are available in rolls.
Dimension of roll
2 x 1350 x 20000 mm
0,08 x 53 x 787 in

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