Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.

Wear parts for non-Sandvik crushers

Knowledge combined with function

By applying a vast crushing competence and know-how, we can offer a competitive line of high quality manganese with focus on fit, function and wear life. Our series of manganese complies with the highest quality, performance and ISO standards and help you achieve an optimized crushing and productivity.

Our crushing chamber solutions are based on high-quality products with superior finish, supported by indepth knowledge of every aspect in the crushing process. Our mission is to work together with our customers to achieve the optimal crushing chamber application in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and results.

Optimization is the keywork
We offer quick optimization of any crushing process by having a wider selection of crushing chambers than many other crusher manufacturer.

Jaw crushers

Crusher type

Item no Description
C110 480.0109 Jawplate C100 Standard Movable
480.0110 Jawplate C100 Standard Fixed
480.0127 Jawplate C100 Movable, Quarry
480.0128 Jawplate C100 Fixed, Quarry
C110 480.0105 Jawplate Movable, Quarry
480.0106 Jawplate Fixed, Quarry
480.0107 Jawplate Movable, Standard
480.0108 Jawplate Fixed, Standard
480.0123 Jawplate Fixed, Superteeth
480.0124 Jawplate Movable, Superteeth
480.0125 Jawplate Quarry One Piece Fixed
480.0126 Jawplate Quarry One Piece Movable
BG00418450 Side Wedge
BG00418646 Side Wedge, Lower
BG00418649 Side Wedge, Upper
C116 BG00418659 Jaw Plate, Moving
BG00418660 Jaw Plate, Stationary
C125 480.0111 Jawplate Fixed, Quarry
480.0112 Jawplate Movable, Quarry
480.0113 Jawplate Special t+40mm, Quarry
480.0120 Jawplate Fixed, Superteeth
480.0122 Jawplate Movable, Superteeth
BG00418422 Side Wegde
BG00418434 Jaw Plate, Stationary, Quarry 1/1
BG00418451 Jaw Plate, Moving, Quarry 1/1
BG00418644 Side Wedge, Lower
BG00418650 Jaw Plate, Stationary
BG00418651 Side Wedge, Upper
C140 480.0114 Quarry, Movable
480.0115 Quarry, Fixed
480.0116 Jawplate Fixed, Special
480.0117 Jawplate Movable, Supergrip
BG00418645 Side Wedge, Lower
BG00418652 Jaw Plate, Stationary

Cone crushers

Crusher type Item no Description
GP100 481.0101 Mantle EF
481.0102 Concave EF
481.0107 Mantle C
481.0108 Concave C
481.0109 Concave MF
G11 481.0110 Mantle G1811, G2011
481.0111 Concave G2011
481.0113 Concave G1211
Omnicone 937 Std 481.0103 Mantle F, M, C
481.0104 Concave F
Symons 3' Std 6874-0089-40 Mantle C
6874-0087-28 Concave C
Symons 3' SH 6874-0087-47 Mantle C
6874-0087-46 Concave C
GP 300 S 481.0120 Mantle
481.0121 Concave Upper EC
481.0122 Concave Lower EC
481.0123 Concave Upper C
481.0124 Concave Lower C
GP 550 S 481.0231 Mantle C
481.0230 Concave Upper C
481.0229 Concave Lower C
GP 300 H 481.0114 Mantle EC, CX, C
481.0118 Mantle M, MF
481.0117 Concave EC
481.0116 Concave C, MF
481.0115 Concave CX, M
GP 500 H 481.0131 Mantle MF
481.0132 Concave MF
GP 550 H 481.0233 Mantle C
481.0232 Concave C
BG00418658 Concave M
BG00418667 Concave EC
Crusher type Item no Description
HP 100 BG00482743 Mantle (SC)/EC/C/M
BG00482744 Mantle F
BG00482748 Bowl Liner C
BG00482747 Bowl Liner M/F
HP 200 BG00482757 Mantle Std C/M/F
BG00482758 Mantle SH C/M/F
BG00482759 Bowl Liner Std C
BG00482760 Bowl Liner Std M
BG00482761 Bowl Liner Std F
BG00482762 Bowl Liner SH C
BG00482764 Bowl Liner SH M
BG00482766 Bowl Liner SH F
HP 300 BG00418668 Mantle Std C/M/F SH C/M/F
BG00418669 Mantle Std EC
BG00418672 Bowl Liner Std EC
BG00418671 Bowl Liner Std C
BG00418670 Bowl Liner Std M
BG00418673 Bowl Liner Std F
BG004826865 Bowl Liner SH C
BG00482866 Bowl Liner SH M
BG00482867 Bowl Liner SH F
HP 400 BG00418647 Mantle Std EC/C/M
BG00482906 Mantle SH C/M/F
BG00418677 Bowl Liner Std EC
BG00418676 Bowl Liner Std C
BG00418675 Bowl Liner Std M
BG00418678 Bowl Liner Std F
BG00482917 Bowl Liner SH C
BG00482913 Bowl Liner SH M
BG00482920 Bowl Liner SH F
HP 500 BG00482926 Mantle Std EC/C/M/F
BG00482927 Mantle SH C/M/F
BG00482929 Bowl Liner Std EC
BG00482930 Bowl Liner Std C
BG00482931 Bowl Liner Std M
BG00482932 Bowl Liner Std F

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