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The smart upgrade for your crushing chamber

We've been in quarries around the world for many years. Not surprisingly, we've learned a thing or two along the way. Like how to engineer machinery to withstand the daily grind. How to create metal that can conquer rock. And how to make a crushing operation far more efficient. We've practically got it down to a science.

Our insight and experience have also led to a new perspective on how we can support our customers' productivity. For example packaging our spare parts together with smart services. We're proud to introduce one of the results – the Optiagg package.

Optiagg is a complete upgrade package for your crushing chamber. It delivers predictable, measurable improvements according to your desired output. Which means more truckloads of the valuable fractions and the power to reduce fines or increase the reduction ratio. The choice is yours.

Fine-tune with certainty - Say goodbye to guesswork and waste
Optiagg includes all the hardware and accessories you need for a complete crushing chamber upgrade – including our brand new, high-efficiency mantle design.
But the real breakthrough is the computer modelling and analysis that comes with it. We can promise the most efficient setup possible and a detailed picture of how your productivity will improve. No guesswork.
With Optiagg, you have much greater control over your production output. We will fine-tune the setup to suit your commercial priorities and provide a forecast of the results you can expect. After the upgrade, we will follow up and validate the outcome. Optiagg's results come from knowledge and
insight, not trial and error.

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