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Cone crusher wear parts

At the heart of productivity

We have engineered rock crushers since 1896. Our cone crusher wear parts are based on high-quality products with superior finish, supported by in depth knowledge of every aspect in the crushing process. Our mission is to work together with our customers to achieve the optimal crushing chamber application in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and results.

We offer quick optimization of any crushing process by having a bigger selection of crushing chambers than any other crusher manufacturer. We have multiple alloys to choose from, each with properties meeting your specific needs, for instance increased impact and shock resistance or high resistance to abrasive rocks.

Cone crusher wear parts - Mantles


Flexifeed Optiagg OB HC A S B D EF
CH420 x x x x
CH430 x x x x x x x
CH440 x x x x x x
CH540 x x x
CH550 x x x
CH660 x x x x x x
CH870 x x x x
CH880 x x x x x
CS420 x x
CS430 x x
CS440 x x x
CS660 x x

Different crushing chambers for optimized performance.

Illustration of CH chamber and CS chamber | Cone crusher spare parts

Illustration of mantles and concaves | Cone crusher spare parts

Concave rings

CH420 x x(C) x(C) x(C) x(C) x(C)
CH430 x x(C) x(C) x(M) x(M) x(M) x (C) 1)
CH440 x x x(MC) x(MC) x(MF) x(MF) x(MC)
CH540 x x x x x
CH550 x x x x x x
CH660 x x x x(MC) x(MC) x(MF) x(MF) x
CH870 x(EC) x(C) x(C) x(M) x(M) 1) x(M) 1) x(M) 1)
CH880 x x x(MC) x(M) x(MF) x(MC) x(MC) 1) x(MC) 1) x(MC) 1)
CS420 x x
CS430 x x x
CS440 x x x
CS660 x x

Note: The codes in brackets indicate filler ring sizes.
1) Wearing ring/plates needed.

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