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RP452 Rotary adapter sub

Sandvik rotary adapter subs are used to connect the various components throughout the entire drill string from the drill bit to the rotary head. They are available as bit (bottom) subs, top (spindle) subs, cross-over subs, and thread-saver subs

Features and benefits

  • Hard face material in the 58 to 60 Rockwell C range
  • Hard facing available on all subs (optional)
  • Optimum hard material wear protection on bit subs
Key Specifications
Outside diameter 235-457 mm
9 1/4-18"
349-737 mm
13 3/4-29"
Axial load
5500-91000 kg
12000-200000 lbs
Torque rating
Up to 400 HP
at 100 RPM

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