Sandvik Construction provides solutions for construction industries in niches such as quarrying, tunneling, demolition, dimensional stone, recycling and civil engineering.

Mobile scalpers

High production rates, massive stockpiling capacity. Our phenomenally successful mobile scalper range has been designed to ensure each unit can handle the same material as our crushers.

Sandvik Mobile scalping screens - Built to do more

In an ever more competitive industry flexibility is key. Offering a wide range of screening media, our mobile scalping screens are renowned as the most versatile and reliable compact mobile solutions on the market today.

To achieve our goal of minimum user intervention, we have focused on giving you highly efficient solutions with user-friendly features for ease of operation and quick setup.

Model Weight kg / lbs
Screen size ft / m No of products
QE141 20,000 / 44,092 12 x 8 / 3660 x 2440  1
QE241 17,500 / 38,580 11 x 4 / 3352 x 1240 3
QE341 29,770 / 65,631 16 x 5 / 4700 x 1446 3
QE441 37,070 / 81,725 18 x 6 / 5480 x 1750 3
QE441 Free Flow 37,070 / 81,725 18 x 6 / 5480 x 1750 3

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.

Performance Boosting Mobile Scalpers

Customer feedback is integral to our development and your most sought after features have been incorporated into our mobile scalpers. We ensure that the flow and ability of our mobile scalpers offer exceptional delivery. Our scalpers are designed handle even the most difficult of materials.

Having spent time in the field, we have developed an unprecedented knowledge on the challenges you face on a day to day basis, and so have developed technologically advanced processes and incorporated them into the mobile scalpers available within our range, in order to efficiently boost your scalping performance.

In addition to this, we are dedicated to reducing your production costs while boosting your efficiency, in order to look after your bottom line. Through the use of multipurpose machines that are some of the most advanced on the market and have been proven across a variety of applications worldwide, we offer mobile scalpers for every purpose, making them some of the most versatile equipment on the market. Our advanced, heavy duty mobile scalping screens, are suited for any quarrying, construction or recycling applications.

Our mobile scalping screens have been tested throughout the world, and provide the ultimate solution to any project. While boosting your performance and productivity, mobile scalping screens also provide a low-cost production while improving screening capability. If you need any advice on product selection, or other technical support, please contact a member of our team.

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