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BR455 Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik Small Range of breaker are capable of accepting a wide range of oil flows as well as tolerating high back pressures. This means that they can be mounted on a huge range of carriers and utilized in an infinite number of applications.

Reliable and durable

Rammer Small Range hammers are built to last. Membrane-type accumulators assist with power stokes, whilst providing protection against hydraulic spikes. Field replaceable lower tool bushing and a low-maintenance design ensures optimum hammer uptime, higher availability levels and reduced owning and operating costs.

Features and benefits

  • Single body design
  • Simple tool installation
  • Sealed housing design
  • High frequency
  • Wide oil flow range
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • Protected hose connection
  • Sound supressed
  • No tie rods
  • Constant Blow Energy
  • Easy to use and service
  • Low operating costs
  • Broad carrier range
  • Excellent fit for rental
  • High reliability
  • Constant high productivity

Key specifications

Working weight, kg / lb 230 / 510
Impact rate, bpm 700-2600
Operating pressure, bar / psi 100-170 / 1450-2465
Tool diameter, mm / in 56 / 2.20
Acceptable oil flow, l/min / gal/min 40-70 / 10.6-18.5
Mini excavator weight, allowed range, t / lb 2.7-5.2 / 6000-11500
Skid steer weight, allowed range, t / lb 1.8-3.5 / 4000-7700

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