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SanRemo for crushers puts certainty in a new light

Sandvik has launched SanRemo for Crushers, a revolutionary new approach to crusher automation and control. The system builds on Sandvik's highly successful ASRi automation system but adds a wide range of additional control and monitoring features. Designed to take certainty to new levels, it delivers a revolution in crushing effectiveness, delivering three kinds of certainty.

SanRemo for crushers puts certainty in a new light

If the name SanRemo sounds familiar, it's because this monitoring and control solution is already in place for other Sandvik product groups, such as drill rigs. Now the same advanced functionality is available for crushers.

As with Sandvik's market leading ASRi, SanRemo for Crushers ensures the desired Closed Side Setting (CSS) is always maintained, compensating for moisture/hardness of feed material. The biggest change however is the additional remote monitoring and control capabilities, plus operational data collection.

Sandvik's new automation and control system
Sandvik has long been regarded as the leader in crusher automation. SanRemo for Crushers adds powerful monitoring, control and data collection features, with access provided via a cloud solution. This new functionality is designed to bring crushing out of the darkness and into the light, eliminating guesswork and providing the hard data needed for informed business decisions.

As needs can change, SanRemo for Crushers is offered at three different service levels: Bronze, silver and gold. This means you only pay for the functionality you need right now, with the flexibility to upgrade when needed.

Delivering certainty to crushing operations
SanRemo for Crushers is all about certainty, which it delivers in three critical dimensions:


  • Know exactly how equipment is being utilized
  • Stay on top of running hours, empty running, standstills, energy consumption and more
  • Make accurate forecast
  • Get the most efficient use from equipment
  • Maximize return on equipment investment


  • Eliminate issues that cause uneven wear and mechanical damage
  • See the exact status of your equipment
  • Schedule maintenance to fit in with production demands
  • Get notified when it's time for service
  • Simplify stockholding – know what needs doing and when
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment


  • Maintain the desired CSS
  • Compensate for hardness and moisture in the feed material
  • Switch easily between programs for different fractions and materials
  • Ensure precise control over the fractions mix

Martin Johansson, Product Line Manager Compression Crushers at Sandvik, says: "Sandvik already has the best automation system, and SanRemo for Crushers is a major advance when it comes to control. The business potential it creates is enormous."

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