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Sandvik Tiger DG surface top hammer drills provide a leap into productivity

Sandvik Construction has added a new productive and user-friendly rig series to their standard surface top hammer drills. The new series offers well-proven technical solutions that supply top-rates of productivity and operator safety at economical initial investment levels. The Tiger series rigs are designed for applications such as road cutting, pipeline drilling and foundation drilling, as well as production drilling in medium-sized quarries.

Sandvik Tiger DG surface top hammer drills provide a leap into productivity

The Sandvik Tiger series rigs are hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained, crawler based surface drilling rigs. They represent highly functional and reliable North European machine design at its best. Offering substantial power and strength for excellent performance, the Tiger rigs are designed and engineered to meet the ever-growing productivity needs of modern day drilling. The Sandvik Tiger series is an excellent choice when a productive, robust, high performance basic machine is required.

Featuring a robust structure, a low center of gravity and heavy-duty tracks with an efficient guide system, the Tiger rigs offer excellent stability and top-class balance even in uneven terrain. They are equipped with a fixed boom, an efficient rod handling system, and tried and tested, patented, high performing Sandvik rock drills which provide continuous excellent rates of penetration. In addition, the advanced rock drilling control system guarantees smooth collaring thereby improving the rock tools' service life, delivering better hole quality and thus improved blasting results.

With its tailor-made user interface, the Sandvik Tiger allows all drilling functions to be handled with a single joystick control, with all drilling parameters being easily adjusted from the cabin. In addition to being ROPS and FOPS certified, the cabin is also soundproof, keeping the noise level well under the limit of 85 dBA. Large windows offer an unobstructed view to the drilling spot, and the safety grid on the windshield protects operators from falling objects.

The Tiger series is equipped with a 179 kW TIER2 engine with a large fuel tank of 425 liters which maximizes drilling time. Six working lights are situated at the front of the machine, with two at the rear, thus guaranteeing efficient operation even during limited light. As with all Sandvik drill rigs, the new Tiger series is also designed with ease of maintenance in mind. All daily maintenance points are on the ground-level, and components are placed within easy reach.

The Tiger series consists of two models: Tiger DG700 for hole sizes of 64 – 115 mm and Tiger DG800 for hole sizes of 64 –127 mm.

Hole Diameter 64 - 115 mm
(2 ½" - 4 ½")
 64 - 127 mm
(2 ½" - 5")
Rock Tools 38, 45 or 51 mm
(1 ½ ", 1 ¾ and 2" ) rods
38, 45 or 51 mm
(1 ½ ", 1 ¾" and 2" ) rods
Rock Drill HL710, 19,5 kW HL810T, 21 kW
Engine Output 179 kW 179 kW
Flushing Air 8,1 m3/min,
up to 10 bar
9,6 m3/min,
up to 10 bar
Production Capacity 1,0 Mt/year 1,1 Mt/year
Total Weight 14 700 kg 14 700 kg

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