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Well-proven in well drilling - the RH460 hammer

Nibu Borr is a drilling company based in Stockholm and Gävle, Sweden. Since its establishment in 1979, the company has developed an excellent reputation for its work on a range of applications. Nibu's main activities are focused on water well and energy drilling, with the company also undertaking drilling for piles and reinforcements on a variety of construction projects.

Well-proven in well drilling, the RH460 from Sandvik Construction

Success in the drilling business, says Daniel Knutsson, head of Nibu's well drilling, depends on two main factors - "Knowledge and dependability as no two jobs are the same." He continues, "You never really know what you're going to encounter until you start. Your experience and your equipment are your livelihood, so you need to be sure you have products you can depend on without question."

Knutsson says preparation is key to the success of a job: "You have to get it right from the start. The right equipment set-up is crucial, including key parameters such as rotation speed. Being confident in your set-up demands equipment that you know and trust, that way you get a good result without headaches."

Nibu has been using Sandvik RH460 hammer, switching to the use of this key tool in order to improve reliability and have so far not been disappointed. "The hammer is naturally one of our most important pieces of equipment," Knutsson says, "Its performance can make a big difference to the profitability of a job. The Sandvik RH460 runs more evenly than the one we used to use. It feels more secure. That is critical to us." The hammer's performance has also had an effect on profitability. The smooth and even running means that bits and shafts now last longer, which means a saving on consumables. Bits are also easier to regrind due to more even wear and a smoother run of the hammer."

Well-proven in well drilling, the RH460 from Sandvik Construction

Knowledge is the other key element in Nibu's business, and the relationship with Sandvik has given a valuable exchange. Knutsson says: "We don't just need a supplier – we need a knowledgeable supplier. Sandvik understands our business and is a proactive partner. We have a close relationship and exchange information. They advise us on the use and operation of the hammer, and how to get the best results for different conditions. As well as aspects such as whether bits are wearing in the right way, and what changes might be needed. And our input helps Sandvik in developing the next generation of products. It's a win-win."

Nibu Borr has now begun testing other Sandvik's drill bits, and hopes to gain further performance improvements.

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