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Sandvik QJ341 mobile jaw crusher increases Argentinian quarry's production by 100%

From initial success in the mid-1990s supplying crushed rock for the construction of new roads, Caminos del Mercosur S.R.L., has recently enhanced its reputation as an innovator in aggregates production and supply through the adoption of tracked crushing technology. Based in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina, the company has modernised its production capabilities through investing in a modern, mobile crusher, the Sandvik QJ341, which has allowed Caminos del Mercosur to increase production by 100%.

Sandvik QJ341 mobile jaw crusher increases Argentinian quarry's production by 100%

Caminos del Mercosur S.R.L. is a family owned company based in Posadas, Argentina, having been founded in 1996 by Eduardo Bogado. The family, and specifically Eduardo, possess a long and proud association with the quarrying industry, and are able to call upon many years of industry experience in order to supply crushed rock and aggregate for use within the construction industry. This proved to be particularly pertinent, as from its inception the company was quick to take advantage of the opportunities offered by infrastructure projects that were undertaken in Argentina during the mid-90s. Thus, their experience enabled Caminos to become the supplier of crushed rock to the contractor working on the construction of the Route 12 highway.

At the time of the Route 12 highway construction project, the Caminos owned quarry was equipped with stationary crushing and screening equipment, which was able to produce between 3,000 and 5,000 tons per month. As the demand for aggregates grew, Eduardo Bogado invested in more stationary equipment, which resulted in an increased capacity of 20,000 tons per month, thereby ensuring that the company became one of the principal suppliers of crushed rock and aggregates in the area.

Although able to satisfy the demands for aggregates locally, Caminos del Mercosur S.R.L. soon found its market being restricted. This was mainly due to the transportation costs of the crushed rock, which were making the final price of the supplied aggregate too expensive to be competitive. Thus, many prospective clients from further afield were finding it more economical to source crushed rock and aggregate locally, and Caminos' client base was consequently limited to construction companies operating in the local area. It was this competitive disadvantage which incentivized Eduardo to reconsider his options, and to adopt a radical solution to his problem: the purchase of a tracked jaw crusher.

Sandvik QJ341 mobile jaw crusher increases Argentinian quarry's production by 100%

It was at Conexpo in 1999 that Eduardo first became aware of the possibilities available through the use of track mounted crushers and screeners when he visited the Extec (subsequently acquired by Sandvik in 2007) stand. The tracked crushers and screens seen on the Extec stand were capable of being moved not only within the quarry, but also of being transported on the roads by means of a low loader. Of vital additional importance the machines are able to start operating almost immediately on arrival at site, with no need for time consuming set-up, as is the case of stationary equipment. Eduardo was suitably impressed; so impressed that when his business requirements changed he sought out the machinery he had seen all those years before. However, as the acquisition of mobile equipment was uncharted territory for him, Eduardo asked for advice on what was the most suitable machine for his needs. To this end, and acting on a recommendation, Eduardo invested in a QJ341 mobile jaw crusher from Sandvik - the latest development based on the Extec C12 crusher he had seen in those years previously.

The QJ341 is the latest development in a long line of tracked and mobile jaw crushers manufactured by Sandvik Construction. Possessing a jaw opening of 1200 x 750mm (48"x 30"), and a production capacity of up to 400 tons per hour (depending on multiple variables), this state of the art crusher has been designed for ease of operation through utilizing such features as hydraulically adjustable CSS (closed side setting), high reduction ratios-crushing speed-productivity, reverse crushing action to relieve blockages, plus an automatic central lubrication system.
In addition to the above qualities which Eduardo found so attractive, the QJ341 encompasses many innovative features to ensure enhanced operator safety as well as continuous, uninterrupted crushing, including a load control system for the feeder drive, level sensor fitted to the jaw, and speed wheel fitted to the main conveyor.

The QJ341 is also fitted with a hydraulic raise and lower facility to the main conveyor which enables increased magnet clearance, together with easier transportation.
The Sandvik QJ341 has certainly made a difference to Caminos del Mercosur's business, as the company is now able to competitively tender for, and to win, work outside the immediate locality. As to why the company chose to specifically purchase a Sandvik machine Eduardo Bogado explains: "I chose Sandvik because of the good communication and technical advice given before the purchase of the machine. Having this mobile crusher will allow us to increase production by 100% compared to the stationary equipment we owned before, and will position us more competitively for supplying customers located at a great distance from our quarry. It is an investment I feel very proud about."

The features now found on the QJ341 ensure that the machine represents the ultimate tracked mobile jaw crushing solution whatever the application. As Caminos del Mercosur has discovered, it is the ideal crusher when crushing rock to be turned into aggregate, but has proved to be equally effective on concrete, re-bar, as well as bricks or asphalt in a demolition / recycling environment. However, the technical excellence of the crusher means little if is not accompanied by the business acumen of someone such as Eduardo Bogado, who identified the opportunities available through the use of such a piece of equipment.

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