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Sandvik helps Stancills Inc. make a greener Mall

The National Mall in Washington D.C. is the world famous location of presidential inaugurations and political rallies, proving to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA. With an estimated 24 million visitors a year walking on the grounds of The Mall, it is now the country's most visited park; a fact that has led the soil to being so heavily trampled and compacted that grass has been hard to grow. The state of disrepair to this national symbol led to long called for renovation of its grounds which was undertaken by Stancills Inc., whose endeavors were aided by a Sandvik QA440 screener.

Sandvik helps Stancills Inc. make a greener Mall

Stancills Inc. is a family owned and managed engineered soils manufacturing company, located along the northern shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It was founded in 1934 by G.L. Stancill, a farmer from North Carolina, who initially ventured into the business of sand and gravel mining. He started with collection of material from gravel banks by making use of only a shovel and a pick-up truck that was funded with savings from his 4 years of service in the Army. Productivity dramatically grew in 1938 when he acquired his first mechanical shovel, and by the time of the out-break of the Second World War G.L. Stancill was able to once again serve his country proudly through providing an essential service to the war effort.

As the sand and gravel mining business successfully grew, three of G.L. Stencills' sons became involved in the management and operation of the business. The growth experienced led to the business covering a wider geographical area, but at the same time the supply of construction materials became very competitive; this necessitated a new strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

At the same time that the supply of construction materials was becoming a congested market place the demand for manufactured soil in the region was booming. This, when combined with environmental legislation requiring the use of specialized soils for storm water mitigation, made the engineered soils business a worthwhile area to diversify into. This vision, combined with the attention to detail of customers' current and future needs, allowed the new business model to thrive, and made Stancills Inc. the engineered soil supplier of choice within the region. This prestigious reputation proved essential in winning the contract for screening topsoil at the National Mall.

The job of renovating the topsoil of one of the national symbols of the USA is not a minor one: the Mall not only represents a major tourist attraction, but the workmanship will be beholden by the great and the good from all over the world. Thus, the material specification required was very fine < ½'', which needed to be sized out from the grounds, which had by then accumulated a considerable amount of debris and gravel. This onerous task required a highly productive and reliable screening machine; one that could not only produce materials at high throughout, but also possesses exceptional levels of screening accuracy. Thus, in order to undertake this high status work Stancills' chose the Sandvik QA440; a screening machine that combines exceptional screening area with the revolutionary patented Doublescreen technology which is unique to Sandvik.

Sandvik helps Stancills Inc. make a greener Mall

In order to process and refine the soil the work on the National Mall project involved feeding the stockpiled and excavated material directly into the hopper of the screen with a loader. This proved to be an easily accomplished task as the QA440's hopper is capable of handling up to 14.8 yd3 of feed material, and is flexible enough to be fed from an excavator, crusher or another screener. In order to achieve the < ½'' final product size required, the machine was fitted with 2'' and 1/2'' square meshes, with the top mesh screening out oversize material – this being found in abundance on the project.

A major reason for the success of the screening of the material, and the production of usable soil products, was due to the design of the Doublescreen box; this allows for the two screen boxes to be positioned at different angles to one another. In order to rapidly remove the over-size material from the required products, the primary box was positioned at a very steep angle, thereby allowing the secondary screen box to perform as a highly efficient secondary grader. This revolutionary screening technology is unique in the market, and makes the QA440 one of the most efficient and reliable mobile screeners available today, and thus ideal for the National Mall material.

In addition to the advanced Doublescreen box the QA440 boasts impressive 20' x 5' screening decks, as well as possessing hydraulic folding conveyors purpose designed for massive stockpiling capabilities, thus making it ideal for demanding applications where high production is key. The tracked and fully mobile QA440 may be easily maneuvered within the site via the use of remote control, enabling total flexibility of use as it is able to maneuver, and then quickly start production in a different location. These features make the QA440 ideal for screening jobs where reliability, flexibility, mobility and high production are paramount; even in spaces with restricted access, such as urban locations.

Today Stancills Inc. is run as a partnership between G.L Stancills' son Terry, and his daughter Emlyn Stancill. Of their acquisition of the QA440 Emlyn stated: "We chose Sandvik because of the competitive pricing, and the quality of course, but most of all because of the excellent support received from Chris Quinn. His customer service has been essential. More than a salesman, he has felt like a member of our team." Chris Quinn, Area Manager for Advanced Equipment, distributor of Sandvik mobile crushers and screeners in the Mid-Atlantic States, says of Stancills: "Dealing with Terry and Emlyn has been an absolute pleasure. They were keen in getting the right equipment, and working closely together with them in order to understand their needs has been essential. It gives me great joy to see how we have contributed to make their business prosper."

Stencills work on the grounds of the National Mall in Washington has been a perfect testament to the skills that they have developed over the years. It also shows that the dynamic business thinking that led to the company diversifying into soil engineering is alive and well with the current management, as the adoption of radical screening solutions with the QA440 clearly shows.

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