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MGL Demolition base success on professionalism, and through use of the right piece of kit for the right project

MGL DemMGL Demolition, part of the MGL Group, is a privately owned business with a 40 year proven track record of success. Specialising in demolition, dismantling, licensed asbestos removal, land remediation and recycling, they now have operations across the UK in a multitude of business sectors. The company has grown organically through the provision of a professional customer focused service, delivering best value, whilst endeavouring to always use the right pieces of equipment, on the right type of project.

MGL Demolition base success on professionalism, and through use of the right piece of kit for the right project Drawing on, and through a combination of industry leading experience, technical expertise and an understanding of customer's real requirements, MGL Demolition now successfully operates throughout the UK from its North Eastern centre of operations. A cornerstone of this success has been the many years having been taken to assemble the dedicated MGL team. This now comprises of demolition, asbestos removal and land remediation professionals, and through this the business is able to offer a service based on a team, who through their unique combination of experience, technical skill and expertise, ensure that customers receive the very highest standards of service. The levels of professionalism and expertise of the company have been recognised by MGL Demolition's membership of both the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.

The exceptional service provided by MGL Demolition, and hence the very nature of the business, means that the company is able to transcend the usual supplier – customer dynamic due to the great efforts made in establishing close working relationships with clients. Simon Martin, Group Business Development Director, states: "we work in partnership with our clients as part of a team to reduce risk, build trust and overcome uncertainties. Accordingly we deliver projects safely, on-time, on-budget and to a quality standard that exceeds client expectations." Simon expands on these points stating; "we work to the highest operating standards in relation to safety, health, environment and quality, in accordance with our accredited management systems."

Through utilising the unique expertise and technical skill of management and staff, MGL Demolition has developed its service portfolio to such an extent that the company is now considered to be at the forefront of demolition service provision. However, it is not just the human element of the company that provides such high levels of service, as the business is supported by one of the most impressive fleets of modern demolition equipment in operation today. In fact, a key area of competitive advantage for the company has been ensuring that the right piece of kit is used on the right project, with the very latest addition being the QJ341 tracked jaw crusher from Sandvik Construction.

A principal reason for the purchase of the QJ341 is due to MGL Demolition's materials recycling philosophy and commitment to sustainability. MGL Demolition adopts the fundamental waste hierarchy of: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Mark Davison, Managing Director, explains - "one of the distinct advantages of the QJ341 is that due to its inherent transportability from site to site, and manoeuvrability around the site, it is literally able to go direct to the material, and reduce it for reuse on-site. This not only provides material for use straight away, but reduces haulage costs, as well as being environmentally sustainable." However, should it not be possible to process materials on site then MGL Demolition is able to send it to its licensed recycling facility located in the North East of England.

The new QJ341 is currently being used to crush -75mm demolition material on a variety of projects, wherever, and whenever it is needed. The flexibility and productivity of the machine is ensured due to its a 1200 x 750 mm (48 x 30 inch) feed opening, hydraulically adjustable CSS, high reduction ratios, crushing speed and efficiency. Additionally the crusher possesses a reverse crushing action to relieve blockages, plus an automatic central lubrication system.

The QJ341 is the latest in a long line of state of the art tracked jaw crushers from Sandvik Construction, with the QJ341 being an upgrade of the leading QJ340. This upgrade and development, follows the enforcement of the combustion engine exhaust gas legislation in Europe and the USA in January 2011. This legislation has led to the introduction of the new Stage 3B/Tier 4i engines, and with the dimensions of the resulting engine combined after treatment unit led to the need for design changes to the power pack. Faced with this enormous design challenge Sandvik used this as an opportunity to enhance the customer focused features of the crusher.

In addition to the above the MGL Demolition's QJ341 comes with new features that ensure continuous, uninterrupted crushing and greater operator safety. These include a load control system for the feeder drive, level sensor fitted to the jaw, and speed wheel fitted to the main conveyor. One of the key design changes now sees the main conveyor being fitted with a raise and lower facility for increased magnet clearance together with ease of transportation. Of the new features available on the QJ341 Mark Davison comments, "the focus of the Sandvik design changes has enabled us enjoy lower running costs, a lower carbon footprint and increased productivity; which vitally means we are operating a more environmentally friendly and efficient machine."

Modern demolition contractors have increasingly developed operational processes and systems that have become increasingly focused on both customers and the environment. MGL Demolition is certainly at the forefront of these changes, with human resources, customer focus and environmental concern being combined to present customers with as highly a professional contractor as possible. What has also made MGL stand apart is the emphasis that has been placed on use of the best, and most appropriate, equipment; in effect the right piece of kit, for the right project as the acquisition of the QJ341 from Sandvik Construction clearly demonstrates.
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