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Largest marble quarry in Russia gets 1st CI512 Prisec™ HSI

The first Sandvik Construction CI512 Prisec™ HSI crusher in Russia has been acquired by Koelga Marble. Purchased in November 2013 the crusher is working at the famous Koelga Quarry, the largest Russian marble quarry, and one of the world's largest. Supplied by Sandvik's Russian distributor, Quarry Service, the CI512 Prisec™ operates 24hrs each day, has improved the cubicity of the end product and increased productivity by up to 50% whilst decreasing noise pollution.

Largest marble quarry in Russia gets 1st CI512 PrisecTM HSI

Sandvik Construction recently launched the all new range of CI500 Prisec™ Horizontal Shaft Impact (HSI) crushers. These new generation crushers provides customers with a low capital cost solution, optimum performance and good cubical shape, whilst ensuring the lowest operating cost per ton for a wide range of materials and applications. The new HSI crushers possess the ability to be configured into either a primary or secondary crusher operating mode, and with this unique, exclusive to Sandvik, patented design, provides customers with unparalleled adaptability. The CI512 Prisec™ has proved to be particularly successful improving the product quality and efficiency of one of the world's largest marble producers in Russia.

First in Russia
Koelga Marble is the biggest producer of marble and related products in Russia, with the company itself being created over 90 years ago. One of the largest in the marble quarries in the world, and the largest in Russia, the marble products produced at the quarry are used widely for in building, construction and decoration all over Russia and, increasingly, abroad. In fact the company is the acknowledged market leader in the production of micro-powders, producing, and selling, 40,000 tons of such materials each month, as well as 25,000 tons of various "rubble" fractions. The latter, when crushed, being used in the production of home building panels, or concrete floors with marble chips.

It is due to the nature of the marble itself, and the high quality products that they are required to produce, that made Koelga Marble realize that they required a new, modern, highly productive, yet adaptable and environmentally friendly, crushing solution. Experiments with various cone crushers had proved unsatisfactory, with low production and low end product quality resulting. However following discussions with Sandvik Construction in Russia, as well as crushing specialists together with Sandvik's distributor for stationary crushing and screening products, Quarry Service, the company made the decision to purchase the CI512 Prisec™ Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher. This has not been a decision that Koelga Marble has regretted.

Since acquiring the CI512 in November 2013 the HSI has been in almost continuous operation 24 hours per day. Scheduled and pro-active service stops have meant that productivity has been increased, and operational efficiency maximized as only 1 operator is needed to supervise the process. Furthermore through the use of the revolutionary attributes of the CI512 Koelga Marble has managed to increase the quality of the end product in terms of the cubic shape, and decrease the noise pollution by significant amounts. At the same time the productivity of the production process has increased by 40-50%.

Largest marble quarry in Russia gets 1st CI512 PrisecTM HSI

Exceptional reduction ratios
The benefits Koelga Marble has enjoyed are not surprising given Sandvik's revolutionary all new design of crushing chamber which ensures even greater reduction ratios than have been previously obtainable. The company is now able to produce a consistent 0-2.5 mm fraction, which was not possible using their existing cone crushers. This is due to the fact that the Prisec™ crushers are able to easily produce impressive reduction ratios through the use of two uniquely designed curtains, which have traditionally required a three curtain configuration crusher. As well as enhanced productivity, this means fewer wear parts and reduced maintenance.

Energy efficient overload protection
The CI512 Prisec™ used by Koelga Marble is equipped with an infinite hydraulic curtain adjustment combined with a brake positioning system which relieves pressure, and setting, when un-crushable objects enter the crusher. No hydraulic power is required during normal operation, thus saving on operating power and reducing total power consumption. Both first and second curtains are infinitely adjustable via the Sandvik's patented adjustment / braking system which is located on the cross beams of the crusher. This system gives hydraulic adjustment of both curtains, via the standard supply electric hydraulic power pack.

Dealing with crusher blockages
Crusher blockages have always historically been a problem at Koelga Marble, especially when operating in a primary mode. Removal of the blockage, with the combined downtime and health and safety risks encountered, are now eliminated with the new generation Sandvik Prisec™ crusher. Due to the exceptional features of the CI512 no stopping of the crusher is necessary, with no operator intervention inside the crusher, no heavy lifting gear required, all resulting in maximum uptime and reduced health and safety problems. This has allowed the Koelga Marble CI512 to be operated by a single person.

Rotor and hammer design
The rotor and hammers can be considered as the heart of the crusher; this is why those used on the Prisec™ range are both robust and efficient. Rotors have superior weight and design, essential for delivering the high inertia required for optimum crusher performance, thus ensuring stability and smooth operation during production. The unique "banana" shaped self-sharpening hammer design helps to keep the contact heads sharper during operation, resulting in more effective shearing of the incoming material, and hence improved production.

Easy and Safe maintenance
A unique key safety interlock system ensures safe maintenance of the crusher and prevents accidental opening of the crusher and inspection doors even in multiple installations. It also allows the ability to raise curtains during operation without stopping the crusher to clear blockages, and re-set automatically to operating setting. This maximizes uptime and reduces the need for heavy lifting gear and operator / maintenance intervention, thereby reducing further Health & Safety risks.

Maximum uptime, Maximum breakage
Through the modularized nature of the Prisec™ range, wear parts can be turned for maximum life/usage with the same size being used across the whole range of crushers. In addition, Sandvik's world leading technology in the hammer and liner material composition provides options far surpassing old industry standard of manganese, resulting in even lower operating cost per ton and the ability to operate efficiently in a variety of materials.

Customer focused development
Koelga Marble has benefited from the world leading benefits and advantages of the CI512 Prisec™ Horizontal Shaft Impact crusher. Low operating cost per ton, improved cubicity of the end product and increased productivity by upto 50%, as well as reduced noise pollution, are due to Sandvik Construction's patented technology, which places Sandvik at the forefront of HSI design and development.

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