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Gusan Construction’s DT1131i Jumbo drills fast for high speed railway

As part of the preparations for the South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics, a new high-speed-railway is being constructed between Wonju and Gangneung. Gusan Construction has been contracted to work on Section 10 of the route, putting to great use its new DT1131i jumbo from Sandvik Construction. Used with RD525 drills and Alpha 330 rock tools, the rig has dramatically improved drilling times.

Gusan Construction's DT1131i Jumbo drills fast for high speed railway

A new high speed railway is being constructed in Korea to link Wonju and Gangneung as part of an extensive infrastructure program for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The line is planned to have been completed by 2017. One of the contractors involved on the Samsung C&T run project is Gusan Construction which is working on section 10 of the route. The road bed the company is working on is expected to be complete by November 2016.

Gusan Construction has developed a reputation for civil engineering excellence. Through its endemic operational strategy of continuous innovation and value-management, its capabilities and competences for delivering high quality construction projects have achieved wide recognition, both in Korea and the Middle East. Additionally the company has striven to marry operational effectiveness with environmental awareness, and to help ensure the well-being of local communities. To this end Gusan has played a major role in various large scaled projects such as tunnel, railway, bridge, road, and dam construction.

Gusan Construction's DT1131i Jumbo drills fast for high speed railway

One reason for its success and one that Gusan is particularly proud, is the way the company has turned any troubles and difficulties encountered to its advantage. This has been achieved through intelligent investment of its resources in establishing world-wide networks, and infrastructures to develop its future growth on a long term basis. This has also been shown in the way the company has made strategic purchasing decisions of equipment, which combines longevity, effectiveness, productivity and environmental friendliness.

A key piece of equipment Gusan Construction has used on the Wonju and Gangneung high speed railway line has been its new Sandvik DT1131i jumbo drill rig which has been in operation on the project since December 2014. The Sandvik drilling jumbo has proved to be a popular piece of equipment as it has enabled Gusan to significantly improve its drilling efficiency, increasing the number of meters drilled per hour.

When the company began work on its stage of the project the drilling jumbos, although performing at reasonable levels, were not deemed to be satisfactory. Gusan wanted to achieve an improvement in drilling speed, rates of advance and drilling accuracy. After discussions with Sandvik Construction in Korea, Gusan decided to replace the existing jumbo drill rigs with the DT1131i using RD525 rock drills and Alpha 330 rock tools. It was found that the new Sandvik drilling equipment was able to achieve in one and a half hours what the previous equipment took two and a half hours. Further efficiencies and benefits were also achieved through the enhanced, and pro-active, after market back-up from Sandvik.

Gusan Construction's DT1131i Jumbo drills fast for high speed railway

The improved performance Gusan Construction has enjoyed is hardly surprising as Sandvik's DT1131i is a state of the art piece of equipment that has proven itself on projects all over the world. It is a computer-controlled three-boom electro-hydraulic drilling jumbo for tunneling and cavern excavation of 20-183 sq. m cross sections, including face drilling, bolt hole drilling, and mechanized long-hole drilling. As with all Sandvik DTi jumbos, it has been designed with successful operations in mind as it is fast, accurate and user-friendly. Together with the iSURE tunnel management program, the DT1131i's intelligent iDATA control system, and recently launched high frequency RD525 rock drills, robust booms and advanced drill string guides, deliver excavation results of the highest quality, with the lowest operating costs. Further improving the excavation process remote access via WLAN can be used. This allows web-based data transfer as well as online MWD.

Operational performance is just put part of the customer focused features found on the DT1131i's design. Ease of service has been in-built into the construction of the equipment. All components are damage-protected, and all daily service points are accessible from the ground level. Support, technical advice, operator training and spare parts availability are also endemic to its operation with Sandvik Construction expertise being a key component of any equipment purchase.

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