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Contract crushing for the long term with help from Sandvik Construction

Norway is a country with high mountains, a vast amount of rock, but with a need to develop its infrastructure. As the country looks to expand its roads, railroads, tunnels and bridges in particular, this has provided excellent opportunities for specialist contractors to offer services to a potentially vast clientele. This has been particularly the case for one such company, Kversøy Maskinservice AS, which has recently signed a long term contract providing crushing, screening, breaking and drilling services.

Contract crushing for the long term with help from Sandvik Construction

Opportunities that have arisen due to the development of Norway's infrastructure have enabled companies of all size to benefit. One such successful small business is Kversøy Maskinservice AS, which is located in the western part of the country, north of Bergen - one of the oil industry hubs. Since 2005 the company has offered small-scale services in drilling and blasting, but since acquiring other small companies, it has made a huge step forward and moved into the crushing and screening business. Now, Kversøy Maskinservice AS has a long term contract to crush and screen aggregates for the company Kvantum AS, which then sells the resulting aggregates for use on different projects, but mainly to the off shore oil industry.

Long term contract
All equipment for the five year contract - which encompasses drilling, crushing, screening and breaking machinery - has been supplied by Sandvik Construction, and through a new operation located in Skipavik, the company is now geared to provide long term contract crushing. The contract is to supply services for five years (due to end in 2018), and Frode Kversøy, the owner and Managing Director of Kversøy Maskinservice AS, hopes for a further extension using a selection of equipment provided by Sandvik Construction.

Product portfolio from Sandvik Construction
The company is especially proud of the benefits it, and its customers, have derived from the Sandvik equipment. "We are pretty well equipped now. We have a Sandvik DX780 drilling rig making 76mm holes down to the depth between 12m and 23m. Blasting takes place once every three weeks. For crushing, we use a mobile plant, namely a Sandvik QJ331 jaw plant, which is followed by a Sandvik screening plant, a QE341 scalper. This combination produces 180 to 240 tph in three different product sizes from 0 to 200mm." Stated Frode Kversøy. He added that the company plans to further double production with additional new Sandvik equipment in the near future.

In addition to the above, breaking of boulders is accomplished through the use of a Rammer BR3288 hydraulic breaker, also from Sandvik. The feeding of the crusher is via a Volvo excavator, with a Volvo wheeled loader being used to move the material around and for clean-up. Another Volvo excavator is on the site for using the Rammer breaker when it is needed.

Contract crushing for the long term with help from Sandvik Construction

Interesting application
The five year contract Kversøy Maskinservice AS won earlier this year this will use the crushed rock and aggregate in a slightly unusual manner, as Frode explains; "There are a lot of oil drilling projects in the sea and the crushed material is used for filling purposes. The location also is ideal since it is situated only a hundred meters from the sea and loading the barges can take place simply by conveyors." The site operates in two 8 hour shifts during the weekdays and employs 6-7 people, with most of the loading taking place on weekends. The rock itself is comprised of granite and gneiss, and is therefore excellent material for aggregates.
Frode Krevsøy explains the benefits of using Sandvik machinery at the site, both for their machine needs, but also the level of support received: "We don't move the mobile crusher and screen very often, but right from the beginning I decided to go into the mobile concept because it gives us so much more flexibility. I'm sure there will be occasions when mobility is needed. The other advantages include the space, for instance, since the mobile units require less space than a stationary plant, and we don't need separate hauling equipment."
"We have been very satisfied with the Sandvik machines, and even more so with the excellent service and support. If there is a problem, it takes two to three hours to get a serviceman on site. For us, working and co-operating with Sandvik functions very well," Concludes Frode Kversøy, who added that the present concept is for them – "The most economic one in this and in other jobs, too."

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