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Chung Kang Aggregate Enterprise manufactures sand using new VSI

A new state of the art VSI crusher from Sandvik Construction is helping Chung Kang Aggregate Enterprise to produce high quality sand for the Taiwanese market. Thanks to the intelligent design of the CV218 the plant is now able to produce aggregates and manufacture sand for the companies customers, in a more environmentally friendly manner with low cost per ton production.

Sandvik VSI CV218

The Chung Kang Aggregate Enterprise plant is located in an industrial area of Taichung in Taiwan. At the site Chung Kang operate an aggregate plant and one plant for production of high quality sand used in road construction and civil engineering work. The material is produced from crushed gravel with a work index of 20 and abrasion index of 0.57.The material produced is in great demand as Taiwan suffers from frequent earth quakes and therefore the specification on the concrete used in buildings and bridges has to be of very high quality.

Due to the necessity of producing a very high quality sand product the sand must be produced in a VSI crusher to meet the required standard. In order to do this Chung Kang has operated two VSI crushers, each with a power of 220 kW. These two machines were able to produce 30 tph of 0- 5 mm sand with acceptable quality, but at the same time to a very high cost per ton.

New solution
The production and costs were unacceptable to Chung Kang, and a new solution was sought. In effect the company required production of 60 tph of 0-5 mm sand. In order to achieve this solution the company entered into discussions with Sandvik Construction in order to replace its two existing VSI's with a new Sandvik VSI CV218.

Impressive results
Based on site visits, analysis of the material and the production processes, Sandvik's technical team were able to assure Chung Kang that the CV218 VSI crusher would produce a minimum of 60 tph of 0-5 mm sand. After installation and testing the Sandvik VSI is now able to exceed this assurance, producing an impressive average production of 70 tph of 0-5 mm sand.

Chung Kang Aggregate Enterprise manufactures sand using new VSI

In addition to this boost in production there has also been a significant reduction in operating costs and emissions. The CV218 uses only 220 kW to produce 70 tph of sand; this is in comparison to the old installation where both the machines were each using 220 kW. Thus the new Sandvik VSI saves energy and makes the cost per ton of Chung Kang's operation much lower.

In addition to these benefits, with production being significantly improved from 30 tph to 70 tph, the quality of the aggregate has also been enhanced. This has meant that Chung Kang is now able to sell another product of 5-13 mm, which has benefitted the company through commanding an excellent price.

Features focused on the customer
Chung Kang, and other users of the CV218, is able to benefit from improved production, reduced emissions and a lower cost per ton operation, as The CV200 series provides many real benefits over other existing autogenous VSI crushers. This makes the CV218, and the CV200 series in general, suitable for many applications. These include manufactured sand, premium shaped aggregates, recycling industries, industrial minerals industry and the mining industry.

Introduced in 2002, Sandvik's line of autogenous crushers, of which the CV218 is but one model, utilizes a rock lined rotor to accelerate material. This is then impacted in a highly energized rock lined crushing chamber; this impacts with material falling through the patented biflow system. The crushers incorporate the Sandvik Hurricane™ rotor, which became a major breakthrough in VSI autogenous rotor design due to its decreased vibration levels and wear part design, which results in increased crusher bearing life combined with reduced maintenance. These are all factors contributing to greatly improved production, and lower operating costs for the operator.

Sandvik VSI CV218

Operator safety has also been accounted for, as standard Sandvik VSI crushers are fitted with a timed trapped two key system, which ensures the safety of maintenance personnel combined with electrical isolation. Also supplied, and fitted as standard, are a vibration detection switch and a pre-start alarm siren.

The CV218 used by Chung Kang is a single drive crusher with a 220 kW electric motor complete with an automatic grease lubrication system and hydraulic tension of the v-belts.

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