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Chinese quarry uses Sandvik cones to help meet customer demand

A leading Chinese aggregate supplier has invested in 4 CH870 cone crushers from Sandvik Construction. These state-of-the-art crushers have been acquired by the company to help produce high quality aggregate for the company's customers' increasing requirements.

Chinese quarry uses Sandvik cones to help meet customer demand

Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. From this and other locations, the company acts as a key producer and supplier of high quality aggregates to its customer base located primarily in the Pearl River Delta Area. Its main quarry in the locale is the largest in the area, with total annual sales of over 10 billion CNY, with more than 150 people being employed.

Diverse customer base
Due to the large production capacity at the quarry, and the company's reputation for producing high quality aggregate, the material produced is used in variety of applications. These include concrete and pipe manufacturing, batching plants, as well as in general civil engineering and construction applications. The aggregate is also used by the company itself as it operates in a variety of fields including demolition, civil engineering as well as quarrying.

Upping efficient production
With a large variety of customers with the aggregate being used for many differing applications, it became clear to the management of the Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co. that's its existing aggregate plant was not up to dealing with demand. Too much down time was being experienced, and it was realized that if the company was to install a new 2000 MTPH aggregate plant, which was seen as being required to meet demand, then it's locally made cone crushers would have to be upgraded. In addition to improving productivity, the company appreciated that there were many operational efficiencies to be gained through upgrading its tertiary crushers, as well as environmental benefits through reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

In order to acquire a new cone crushing solution Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co. contacted Sandvik Construction in China, which was pleased to discuss the company's requirements and propose a cost effective solution. The company chose Sandvik due to the high regard in which Sandvik equipment is held in China. However, the company was not swayed by reputation alone, as it researched the performance of Sandvik cone crushers in a variety of mining and quarrying sites, receiving nothing but glowing recommendations.

Chinese quarry uses Sandvik cones to help meet customer demandChinese quarry uses Sandvik cones to help meet customer demand

The Sandvik solution
What were immediately impressive to the management of the Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co were the reliability, efficiency and low cost per ton production of the Sandvik equipment. The pro-active aftermarket support, and the low maintenance required by the crushers, making a particularly major impression. The professionalism of the Sandvik sales, technical support and service team also allayed any doubts the company may have had. The team presented its solution for the required plant upgrade, displaying knowledge of both the equipment, and vitally, how the Sandvik solution could provide the aggregates required, at the production levels needed to satisfy customer demand.

In order to be able to produce the aggregates at 2000 MTPH, Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co. agreed with Sandvik's proposed solution of 4 CH870 cone crushers. These four units are now helping to produce the required end product fractions of 28-24mm, 24-11mm, 11-5mm and 5-0mm. The CH870 is proving to be the perfect choice as its large eccentric throw and high eccentric speed, results in more rock-on-rock crushing in the crushing chamber. This means that the end product possesses excellent shape, and much to Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co.'s appreciation, a major reduction in operational downtime.

Unique features
Sandvik's CH870 cone crusher is proving to be the ideal solution for Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co.'s tertiary cone crushing requirements. It has a hydraulically supported main shaft that is supported at both ends, with its robust crusher design, adjustable eccentric throw, and a constant intake opening ensuring sturdiness, yet delivering operational flexibility. These features make the CH870 particularly suited for the company's high-reduction tertiary application.

Supplied as a complete package, with all functions working together with a motor designed for exacting requirements, its Hydroset™ system provides safety and setting-adjustment functions, whilst ASRi™ automatically adapts crusher to feed conditions. Its Unibody mainframe ensures optimal strength resulting in less maintenance being required, whereas the facility for it to be lifted from above minimizes risks and allows for safer on-site maintenance.

Additionally Sandvik is able to offer a wide selection of crushing chamber options for the CH870. This facilitates rapid optimization of the crushing process with a variety of alloys to choose from, each with properties meeting specific needs. This has not only enabled Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co.'s crushers to be configured to their exact requirements, but if in future customer specifications or feed material changes, this may easily be accounted for.

Future upgrades
The upgrade of the Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co. quarry has yet to be completed. This is due to the high demand for its aggregate. However, this has meant that the rest of the plant is proving unable to keep up with the capacity of the CH870, with the crushers processing the aggregate more quickly than they can be fed. It is planned to complete the plant upgrade very soon which will see the CH870's operating at capacity. Zhongshan Xinlong Aggregate Co. plans to work with Sandvik Construction on the rest of the upgrade due to the relationship that has developed between the two companies, and the excellent performance of the CH870 cone crushers.

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