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July 2016

Delivering real achievements in environment, health and safety



Our commitment to improved EHS has shown itself in new and interesting ways; specifically in the development of new products and services which have allowed us to be able to provide solutions that encompass your changing requirements. At the forefront of our continued EHS focus is an increasing use of "Intelligent solutions" that has opened new avenues in the improving of service to customers, which at the same time improves safety, and minimizes emissions thereby benefitting the environment.


Through increased software development we have been able to invest in such items as training simulators and 3D simulations, as well as remote equipment monitoring and servicing. This has meant that operators may be effectively trained on equipment before they start to actually use it; work flow may be simulated in order to make operations more efficient; and equipment pro-actively serviced in order to minimize unnecessary journeys and operational downtime. Operational risk is thus reduced, safety enhanced and emissions minimized.

Noise guard and enhanced sound protection


  • Enhanced operator comfort & safety
  • Fuel efficiency and longer lifetime of equipment
  • Noise guard and enhanced sound protection
  • Touch screen and remote operation
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Drillers office for effective and intelligent data management of the drilling process

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geoSURE rock mass analysis and visualization system


  • DTi series features "Intelligent" tunneling solutions
  • User-friendliness and safety of operation
  • Mechanized rod-handler for long-hole drilling
  • Choice of instrumentation to match needs
  • Reduced operational noise levels
  • geoSURE rock mass analysis and visualization system.

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Crushology web portal providing a knowledge hub for the quarrying industry


  • Automatic setting regulation (ASRi) optimizes efficiency
  • Liners' lifetime extended by 20-50%, depending on the application, thanks to optimized utilization
  • Reduced vibration and noise pollution from lightweight polymer linings for wear protection and noise reduction
  • San Remo for crushers – a new automation & control system
  • Crushology web portal providing a knowledge hub for the quarrying industry
  • Latest Mobiles offering features direct drive operation, ease of maintenance and fuel efficient engines

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Telescopic chute reduces noise and minimizes the spreading of dust and fines to the surrounding areas


  • Improves the working environment, extends the life of the equipment
  • Maintenance and clean-up costs dramatically reduced.
  • Telescopic chute reduces noise and minimizes the spreading of dust and fines to the surrounding areas.
  • User-friendly design enables easy maintenance.
  • New wear segments deliver longer life meaning fewer stops, lower maintenance and operating costs.

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  • New models designed to save energy
  • No tool greasing and patented sealing system
  • Engines create more power at lower engine speeds
  • Idle Blow Protector to provide greater levels of protection
  • Pro-hammers come complete with long-life, high-tension VIDAT tie rods for improved reliability, extended service periods and lower operating costs.

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  • To help achieve optimum equipment performance intensive training courses, tailored to the needs of individual customers, are delivered.
  • Based in the classroom, workshop, out in the field or underground, the training courses teach both theory and practice.
  • Courses aim at infusing the relevant precautions, techniques, routines and remedies devised to ensure maximum safety, high machine availability and high productivity.
  • Quarry Academy concept has now become the industry standard for process optimization.

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These are just some of the Environment, Health and Safety developments that are to be found on our equipment ranges and customer focused solutions. Furthermore all our products reflect the corporate culture and system of values that have been developed over the last 150yrs, contributing to what makes Sandvik the global company it is today, with EHS not an afterthought, but a core element of all activities and processes.

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