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Dimensional stone

Separating rock from the natural bedrock demands precision drilling. The two key techniques in dimensional stone quarrying, smooth blasting and diamond wire sawing.

Both demand effective drilling in order to produce saleable blocks. Boreholes for dimensional stone must be absolutely straight and clean.

Dimensional Stone techniques

Typical drilling applications are line drilling, splitting, squaring, pilot hole drilling, slot drilling and development drilling.

These are the four main phases of the process:

Dimensional stones phases

1. Primary block is extracted from the bench

2. Loosened block is subdivided to smaller blocks to be dipped

3. Secondary block is divided to transportable blocks

4. Blocks are trimmed to final shape

Before a diamond wire saw can be used, matching vertical and horizontal pilot holes must be drilled for the wire.

Dimensional stone expertise: How we deliver

Sandvik drill rigs are designed to drill straight. They let you place holes accurately, in less time and at a lower cost. Advanced automation and excellent functionality of Sandvik drill rigs for the dimensional stone industry provide the highest productivity.

Together with high-quality Sandvik rock tools, they ensure outstanding productivity. Our drill rigs are available in a variety of designs, each equipped with powerful, energy-efficient hydraulic rock drills, ergonomic controls and efficient dust collectors.

Ensuring our products are safe and easy to operate, while maintaining a long working life is important. The dimensional stone quarrying equipment that we stock has been tried and tested the world over and the equipment's ergonomic controls will ensure that you are safe throughout the process. We aim to help you continue to work productively, therefore improving your performance by providing you with the best equipment available.

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