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Demolition is more than just swinging a sledgehammer or ramming a hydraulic breaker into old concrete. It's an engineered process of removing a variety of structures as safely and efficiently as possible.

The engineered pre-planning phase of any demolition project requires a huge amount of focus, as great consideration must be paid to a wide range of environmental and safety issues – both for the workers on-site and the public in general.

A carefully considered strategy is essential for the safety of everyone involved, which is why strategies must be executed with high level of precision. We understand the importance of selecting the right strategies, and the right tools, for the job, and our engineers have a first-hand understanding of the demands this task requires. This is why we have put together a huge range of demolition products and services, providing the most modern equipment and methods throughout the tender process.

Demolition techniques

Commonly, demolition techniques involve either explosives or mechanical excavators. Additional methods include thermal tools such as cutting torches, as well as high-pressure water cutting, though blasting is possibly the most critical area of demolition.

As with many areas of the industry, your success is determined by the quality of your preparations. The use of explosives is one of the areas that demands the most careful preparation, as there is very little margin for error.

Precision drilling for charges is one of the key factors in blasting, and a critical activity in this demolition technique. The straightness of the holes the charges will be placed in is a critical factor in achieving the desired outcome and ensuring safety, producing a blast which performs exactly as expected, every single time.

Mechanical demolition
Hydraulic excavators have largely replaced cranes with wrecking balls in mechanical demolition, allowing for the process to be carried out in a much more controlled and efficient manner.

Rammer 3077 Grapple in demolition services

Excavators can be equipped with a range of different attachments, allowing for controlled demolition in a number of different areas. Hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shears, cutter crushers, pulverizers, hammers, grapples and magnets for example, can all be attached to an excavator to achieve the optimal solution for any demolition project.

These attachments are easily interchangeable and provide alternative tools for completing demolition of various structures. Whatever your building demolition project, these interchangeable attachments ensure that you are always equipped with the right tool to complete the job as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Demolition expertise: How we deliver

Sandvik drill rigs and drill bits enable maximum precision drilling for highly predictable blasting outcomes.

We offer a market leading range of breakers and demolition tools under the Rammer brand. These include hydraulic hammers, cutter crushers, pulverizers, grapples, sorting grapples and twin headers.

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